Building Permits

In order to make sure that your project will respect the current town?s bylaw and standards, it is essential to communicate with the municipal inspector before beginning any renovations, constructions, expansions, modifications, or others. 

A building permit is needed, among others, for the following situations:

  • Permanent or temporary construction;
  • Modifications, repairs, transformations or demolitions of any buildings or part of a building;
  • The installation of a prefab building;
  • Excavation works for the construction.

However, a permit is not needed to:

  • Install a car shelter;
  • Paint or maintain a building.
To obtain a building permit, make an appointment with the municipal inspector by contacting him at 819-627-3273, extension 106.  He will gladly advise you on your house projects and provide you with the required permits and licenses.

Olivier Joubert,
Inspecteur municipal

Contact information

Hôtel de ville

20 Humphrey Street, PO BOX 730
Temiscaming, Quebec
J0Z 3R0

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