Drinking Water Conservation

Incentive Program - Saving Drinking Water

Purchase of WatersSense water savers

As part of the actions to reduce the consumption of drinking water on its territory, the Town of Temiscaming has selected a wide range of WaterSense certified appliances available at local hardware stores.  Merchants can guide you through the selection and purchase of these products.

A fixed annual amount will be allocated for the program. Therefore, it is important to contact Ms. Lise Leblanc, the manager of the program, to validate the funds available for the current year. In the event that there is no more money available, your name will be put on a list for the following year, with priority according to the date of application.

Participating hardware store in the Temiscaming territory:
  • FLD Home Hardware (can order Delta products)
  • Ross Electric Home Hardware
  • The program allows a maximum refund of two items per civic address;
  • First come = first served;
  • The product must be WaterSense approved;
  • The rating of the MaP report for the toilets should be 500 or more;
  • The refund cannot exceed the cost of the device.
Here is a list of maximum amounts allocated by type of device:
  • Toilet: Model 6 liters single flush - $ 30
  • Double hunting model from 3L to 6L or 4L to 6L - $ 50
  • Shower head - $ 50
  • Bathroom Faucet - $ 20
  • Kitchen Faucet - $ 60
Person in charge of the program

Lise Leblanc
Main operator at the water treatment plant
819-627-1777 or 819-627-6084
 Refund request form

In order to qualify for the refund, anyone who purchases a WaterSense-certified water-saving product must complete the form below. They must attach their proof of purchase, proof of residency and mail it or give it directly to the Temiscaming Town Hall. The refund will then be mailed.

Refund Request Form

Quick Tips on how to save

  • Washing fruits and vegetables in a sink partially filled with water is equivalent to saving 5 liters of water each time.
  • Turning off the water when brushing your teeth, washing your face or shaving means you can save up to 12 liters of water every minute.
  • Installing a high-efficiency washer can save up to 80 liters of water per load.
    Taking a shower for 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes can save up to 200 liters of water.
  • Wash your car with a bucket filled with water rather than with a garden hose and you can save up to 300 liters of water.
  • Install a rainwater barrel to wash the terrace, do the gardening or water the lawn and you can save up to 6000 liters of water per year.
  • Rain alone can meet the needs of your lawn. Seeing as it only requires about 2.5 cm of water per week. If the turf is yellow, it is dormant and preserves the water needed for its roots.

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