Urban Planning Advisory Committee

The urban planning advisory committee (CCU) is an organisation mandated by the municipal council in order to advise on request received on urbanism matters as well as planning. This committee is made out of a council member as well as some Témiscaming's residents.

The municipal council assigned to this committee powers to study and make recommendation in various areas concerning town planning, zoning, parceling and construction.

Even though the CCU is a consulting organization and does not make any decisions, it plays a great role in the urban and administration planning. Their opinion is needed mainly for the following requests:
  • Minor exemption;
  • Architectural implementation and integration plan (AIIP);
  • Authorisation for a conditional use.

It is mandatory that the municipal council gets the recommendation from the advisory committee before the council meeting in order to approve the above cases.

*Reference : « Ministère des affaires municipales, des régions et de l'Occupation du territoire » website