Drinking Water

Extract of bylaw #594 on the use of drinking water

Article 7.2 Watering vegetation:  Manual watering (automatic spray gun) of gardens, flower beds, planters, lawns and trees is permitted at all time.

Article 7.2.1 Watering periods:  Watering lawns, shrubs, trees and other vegetation mechanically (standard sprinkler) or with porous tubes is only allowed between 8 pm and 11 pm the following days:
Even days for addresses with an even house number;
Odd days for addresses with an odd house number.

Watering with an underground system is allowed from 3 am to 6 am Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Article 7.2.2 Automatic watering system  An automatic watering system must be equipped with the following devices:

  • An automatic humidity detector or an automatic shut off in case of rain, preventing the watering cycle when atmospheric precipitation is enough or when the moisture content is adequate;
  • A device such as a reduced pressure backflow preventer type to prevent all contamination of the drinking water system;
  • An electric van that is implemented by an electric control equipment and serving as an automatic command for watering or for the watering cycle.  This one must be installed downstream of the backflow protection device.
  • A handle or a valve with a manual shut off only used in case of a break, of a malfunction or for any other cases considered urgent. The handle or valve must be accessible outside.
However, an automatic watering system, installed prior to the new bylaw coming into force and incompatible with the requirements of this article, can be used but need to be upgraded, replaced or put out of service before January 1st ,2015.   

Article 7.2.3 New lawn or landscape  Despite article 7.2.1, new lawn, trees, shrubs or landscape can be watered every day during the hours described in article 7.2.1 for 15 days following seeding, planting or installing lawn turf.

Lawn turf can be watered any time the day of its installation.

Homeowners watering new lawn, trees, shrubs or landscape during this period must provide proof of purchase of the vegetation or the seeds in question when requested by the person responsible to apply this bylaw.

Article 7.2.4 Water run-off It is prohibited for anybody to use deliberately a watering system in a way to let the water run-off in the street or in the neighbor?s property.  However, it can be tolerated when the wind is blowing.

Article 7.3 Piscine et spa A pool or spa cannot be filled between 6 am and 8 pm.  However, water can be used to help maintain the sides of the pool during its installation.

Article 7.4 Vehicles, driveways, sidewalks, streets, patios or outside walls of a building  A vehicle can be washed anytime as long as a bucket of water is used or an automatic spray gun.

Driveways, sidewalks, patios or outside walls of a building can only be washed between April 1st and May 15th of each year or when there is painting, construction, renovation or landscaping work done around the house justifying washing driveways, sidewalks, patios or outside walls of a building as long as an automatic spray gun is used.

It is strictly forbidden to use drinking water to melt snow or ice in driveways, yards, patios or sidewalks at any time.

Article 7.5 Car wash  All automatic car wash that uses drinking water must be equipped with a functional water recovery, recycling and recirculating waste water system to wash vehicles.

Owners or operators of a car wash must conformed to the above paragraph before January 1st, 2017.

Article 7.6 Landscape ponds  All basins, with or without water jets, waterfalls or fountains, that the initial filling and upkeep are done with drinking water, must have a functional recirculating system.  Continuous water circulation with drinking water is prohibited.

Article 7.7 Water games  All water games must be equipped with an automatic motion detector.  It is prohibited to use drinking water continuously.

Article 7.8 Continues purge  It is prohibited to leave the water running except if the person responsible of applying this bylaw explicitly allows it and that only in some specific cases.

Article 7.11 Water ban  The person responsible of applying this bylaw can, in case of drought, major brakes on the municipal water system, or when its necessary to fill out the municipal?s tanks, put up a water ban through a public notice for a specific sector and a specific amount of time to prohibit watering lawns, trees and shrubs, fill up a pool as well as washing a vehicle or use water outside, regardless the reason.  However, this ban does not affect watering manually gardens, edible plants, in soil or in a pot, flowers or other plants.

In case of new lawn, trees or shrubs, or filling up a new pool, an authorization can be obtained from the responsible if the climate conditions or the water supplies allow it.