The Town governs the municipal cemetery.  For information, contact the Town at 819-627-3273, extension 105.

For information on the cemetery maintenance, refer to the cemetery bylaw.

What you need to know:

Extract of bylaw #449 relating to the Town of Témiscaming's cemetery

Article 4.15 Flowers and plants: The concessionaire can, on its plot and no higher than up to 18" in front of the gravestone or the monument:

  • Place wreaths or sprays of natural flowers;
  • Plant or cultivate flowers and small non-creeping plants;
  • Place plastic flowers at the base of the gravestone or monument.

It is the concessionaire's or the person who planted or installed the flowers and plants responsibility to tend them. The Town will not tend to these flowers or plants.

If the flowers or plants are dried, abandoned or is not esthetically, the Town's employees can remove them without notice.

The Town of Témiscaming or its employees cannot be held responsible for damages done to the flowers or plants at any time.

Règlement # 449 relatif au cimetière de la Ville de Témiscaming (only in French)