Transport Adapté du Long-Sault is a non-profit organisation formed in 1989.  Its mandate is to transport, on all Témiscaming?s area, including Kipawa and Laniel, people who cannot get around by themselves because of reduced mobility.

This service is available to all the population.

The board of directors:

  • Association des personnes handicapées de Témiscaming - 2 members
  • Golden Age Club - 1 member
  • Health and social services - 1 member
  • Fondation des auxiliaires de Témiscaming - 1 member
  • Municipality of Kipawa - 1 member
  • Town of Témiscaming - 2 members

Anybody meeting one of the following requirements is eligible:

  • Anybody with a disability that causes a significant and persistent incapacitation and who is likely to have to overcome obstacles in the performance of daily activities, or
  • Having such limitations in regards to mobility justifying the use of Transport Adapté services, or
  • Having been referred by a professional for reduced mobility.

The requirements are given as examples and are not limited to those. 
For more information, communicate with Transport Adapté.

When and how to reserve transportation:

The reservation services is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

After hours, the calls will be according to their priorities and is subject to extra fees.  You will be invited to leave a message on the voice mail.

You need to reserve your transportation at least  24 hours in advance by calling the responsible at 819 627-3770.

The organisation Indépendance 65+ also offers transportation. The service is available during peak periods and as a complementary to Transport Adapté when it?s not available.

Transport Adapté Fees:

$2.25 per transportation Monday to Friday

Extra charges on weekends.