Irwin Park

Located on Kipawa Road at the corner of the bypass at the southern entrance of the town, this sporting park regroups a baseball field, a soccer field and a tennis court.  The name "Parc Irwin" was given in honor of Sir William "Bill" Irwin, Témiscaming Mayor from 1956 to 1963.  A monument and a commemorative plaque were set-up in his honor.

Baseball Field

The baseball field is used by the following leagues:

  • Adult softball
  • Teenager softball
  • T-Ball
  • Minor softball

The infield is covered with stone dust and the outfield with grass.  There is also some lighting for evening games as well as two shelters; one for each team.

Soccer Field

The soccer field does not have the regulated dimensions but it accepts friendly soccer matches.

Now located on rue Lafort, matches are being held based on a pre-determined schedule.

Come back to see this section in the spring for more details!

Tennis court

The tennis court gathers two grounds with an asphalted surface; the whole is enclosed and lit.  No reservation is needed.  It is open all summer long.

Contact information

Parc Irwin

Chemin Kipawa
Temiscaming, Quebec
J0Z 3R0

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