Composition of the Town's Council

Témiscaming's town's council is made of a mayor and 6 councillors.

The council members meet for council meeting as well as for different committees. They also meet once a month for a working session.

Role of elected officials

The elected officials represent the population; take decisions on municipal guidelines and priorities and administer the affairs.

The council monitors the quality of life of your community. The elected must always make decisions in the best interest of the citizens they represent. The decisions must be taken during council meeting and must be in the form of a bylaw or a resolution.  Individually or outside council meeting, the elected cannot take any decisions in the name of the municipality except the mayor when exercising his discretion for an emergency.

The council usually takes its decisions when the majority of the members are present. They usually meet once a month but can meet more often. They can also convene an extraordinary meeting.

*Reference : « Ministère des affaires municipales, des régions et de l?Occupation du territoire » website

Vacant Vacant

councillor no. 1

Pascal Perreault

councillor no. 2

Steve Raymond

councillor no. 3

Pierre Gingras

councillor no. 4

Vincent Labranche

councillor no. 5

Vacant Siège

councillor no. 6