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COUNCIL MEETINGS WITHOUT AUDIENCE| In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Minister of Health and Social Services ordered in a document on December 16, 2020, that any public meeting of a municipal agency must be held without the presence of the public but must be publicized as soon as possible by any means. The content of the discussions between the participants and the outcome of the members' deliberations must be known. This directive applies to municipalities in the orange zone (palier 3 - alert) of which the Town of Temiscaming is part of.

Following this new authorization, the Town of Temiscaming informs its residents that the scheduled council meetings, i.e. the second Tuesday of each month, will be without the presence of the public until further notice.  The sessions are recorded and subsequently posted on the Town's website.


Considering the impossibility of holding such a question period since council meetings were held without public due to the pandemic, the Town of Temiscaming is implementing a written question period.

Unless otherwise directed by the Government of Quebec to hold Question Period, you have until 4:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting to send your questions in writing according to the instructions outlined below.

A form (click HERE)  is available to ask your questions to the board.

For a question to be submitted to the council, it must meet these conditions:

  • Your first and last name should be clearly stated;
  • having been transmitted no later than 4 p.m. on the day of the council meeting in one of the following ways:
  • address:
    • to the council in general
    • to the mayor
    • to a councillor
  • focus on a matter of public interest that falls within the jurisdiction of the council to which it is addressed;
  • Be a direct and succinct question, with no comments;
  • Have a maximum of 600 characters
  • respect decorum and do not contain defamatory language;

For logistical reasons, questions received after the deadline will not be considered.

 A question is inadmissible which:

  • Preceded by an unnecessary preamble;
  • Incomplete;
  • Is based on a hypothesis;
  • Includes an argument, expression of opinion, inference or imputation of reasons;
  • Suggests the requested answer.

The citizen who asks a question must avoid personal allusions, innuendo, free of defamatory words or expressions, etc. with respect to anyone or non-parliamentary expressions and turns.

 It should be noted that "operational" questions can be asked at any time through online requests  or
819-627-3273 x104 and answered by a member of the municipal team.

 Dealing with questions

Answers to online questions will be given in the order in which the questions will have been received, first-come, first-served.

 Questions left unanswered

At the end of the session, questions that have not been answered will be dealt with in different matters

Council meetings 2021

Date Hour Session type MinutesVideo
January 12 19:00 Ordinaire Dowload document See
February 9 19:00 Ordinaire Dowload document See
February 15 12:00 Extraordinaire Dowload document -
March 1st 16:00 Extraordinaire Dowload document -
March 9 19:00 Ordinaire Dowload document See
April 1st 16:00 Extraordinaire Dowload document -
April 13 19:00 Ordinaire - See
May 11 19:00 Ordinaire - -
June 1st 19:00 Ordinaire - -
July 13 19:00 Ordinaire - -
August 10 19:00 Ordinaire - -
September 14 19:00 Ordinaire - -
October 5 19:00 Ordinaire - -
November 9 19:00 Ordinaire - -
December 14 19:00 Ordinaire - -