Property Assessment

The assessment

The MRC property assessment service is responsible to establish and update property assessments for the majority of the municipalities of Témiscamingue's county. They manage more than 14 000 properties between twenty (20) municipalities and non-organized territories.    

The assessment role is the evaluation of all the properties of a territory, there characteristics as well as the value of each. It includes all the residential, industrial, commercial, institutional and agricultural properties.

This document is public and can be consulted on the MRC of Témiscamingue's web site at:

On this website, you will find information on:

  • The property value
  • The assessment role
  • Consultation of the assessment role and attributed data (map)
  • Statistics
  • Taxation rates
  • Application for a review of the real estate assessment role
  • Process of an application for a review
  • Appeal with the Administrative Tribunal of Québec
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