Please note that only residences tax rates are listed below. Refer to bylaw #672for other rates. 

Property taxes (residential) 1,3295 per hundred dollars of the value of the assessment
Snow removal (concerned sectors) 0,1875 per hundred dollars of the value of the assessment
Water tax (residential) Fixed rate $ 225.82 
Sewer and sanitation taxes (residential) Fixed rate $ 116.65
Garbage tax (residential) Fixed rate $ 159.20

Tax statement

Payments can be made through mail, at the Town hall (cash or cheques only), financial institutions (Caisse Desjardins, National Bank of Canada, Scotia Bank, Royale Bank, Bank of Montréal) or by online banking.  Please note that postdated cheques are also accepted.

2021 remittances are due March 31st, July 31st and October 31st. Please refer to articles 10, 11 and 12 of bylaw # 672 in regards to the consequences for late payments.

How to register my role number - Online banking

Here is how to proceed :

  •  Log into your bank account
  • Head to online payments
  • Add the supplier City of Temiscaming - taxes
  • Enter your 16-digit reference number (role number or identification code) (write only the 16 digits, no ``F``, no dot, no underscore)

If you have more than one property in Temiscaming, you will have to do this procedure for every one of your properties. Also, make sure you pay the right amount for the right property.

**Please note that these steps may vary from one financial institution to another.


You need to inform the Town of a change of address in writing or by email for all your properties on the town's territory by mentioning the role number or the civic address.

Payables and taxation

Town of Témiscaming

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Témiscaming (Québec)  J0Z 3R0

Telephone: 819 627-3273, extension 105
Fax: 819 627-3019

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Contact information

Hôtel de ville

20 Humphrey Street, PO BOX 730
Temiscaming, Quebec
J0Z 3R0

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